How to expand your taxi booking service in Ahmedabad

How to expand your taxi booking service in Ahmedabad


Do you run a cab service in Ahmedabad? Do you wish to broaden your offerings and increase the revenue you make? Then you need to provide convenient ways for customers to book your taxi in Ahmedabad. Taxi booking apps have changed the transportation sector by providing easy access to low-cost and convenient taxi services. It’s one of the best ways to expand your services and grow your taxi booking service in Ahmedabad.

India’s ride-hailing and cab industry is huge, projecting to make a revenue of a whopping 13.41 billion US dollars in 2023. But when the industry is this immense, it's no surprise that competition becomes cut-throat too. We’re here to tell you that with Pulpit Mobility, you can beat the competition and maximise the potential of your business by connecting to a huge number of riders looking to book taxi from Ahmedabad.

And guess what, we don’t even ask for commissions from your earnings! Surprised, right? In this piece, we'll discuss the upsides of using Pulpit Mobility and offer suggestions on how you can expand your taxi service business using our app.

Security Measures by Pulpit to Ensure Rider Safety

We value our customers, therefore we work hard to ensure that their rides are as safe, comfortable, and pleasant as possible. We want to provide complete passenger protection while riders have a pleasant journey overall. We do so by taking some actions and provide certain features as mentioned below:

What’s Pulpit Mobility?

Pulpit Mobility is India’s first subscription-based cab aggregator. What this means is drivers and businesses of cab booking service Ahmedabad can use our app to connect with riders who look to book a ride taxi. We don’t ask for any commissions for the rides you take and the earnings you make. You simply need to pay a flat monthly subscription fee and take as many trips as you wish. We provide ready-to-go cab service to riders looking to:

  • book a cab in Ahmedabad,
  • book outstation ride cab in Ahmedabad,
  • book an airport Taxi/cab in Ahmedabad,
  • Or book car rentals in Ahmedabad.

Benefits of Joining Pulpit Mobility

Get more exposure

Since Pulpit Mobility has a sizable and expanding user base, if you sign up with us your taxi service stands a better chance of being seen by new customers who search to book a taxi from Ahmedabad. This has the potential to raise interest in your offerings and bring in new clients for your business.

Access to a large driver network

If your company signs up with Pulpit Mobility, you'll have access to a pool of drivers actively seeking jobs. This is especially useful at times of high demand for cabs in Ahmedabad or when there is a shortage of drivers.

Enhanced customer service

Our platform is intended to make life easier for both drivers and passengers. The satisfaction of your customers, as well as their willingness to recommend you and book a ride taxi from you again, can be boosted in this way.

Lesser administrative burden

You may save time and effort managing your taxi booking service in Ahmedabad by switching to our platform. Since we handle all the billing and payment processing, you don't have to worry about all the administrative parts and can concentrate on taking on more business and refining your service.

Tips to Get More Business With Us

There are a number of things you can do to expand your taxi business by using our platform:

1. Prioritize your cars

Your car is your one-time investment in this business that will result in many financial rewards when maintained properly. There are a number of factors riders pay attention to and you must consider when choosing an automobile to offer rides for a taxi service including the vehicle's:

  • cleanliness,
  • insurance,
  • safety features,
  • and trunk space.

2. Provide Reasonable Rates

One of the many reasons that customers choose our platform to book a cab in Ahmedabad is that we offer affordable services. One of the best ways of keeping up with our platform and earning more with us is by offering competitive prices or cheaper services compared to other taxi booking services in Ahmedabad.

3. Keep the ratings high

Riders review their Pulpit drivers, and drivers with higher ratings earn more requests for rides. Motivate your drivers to retain a strong reputation by putting the needs of their customers and the safety of their passengers first. You can do so simply by:

  • providing a clean and hygienic ride,
  • driving safely,
  • showing courtesy and professionalism,
  • communicating well,
  • and offering amenities during the ride.

4. Focus on Customer experience

One of the most essential things to expand your taxi business utilizing our platform is to prioritize the satisfaction of your customers. If customers have a good time when they book your taxi in Ahmedabad, they may be more likely to give you high ratings, recommend it to others, and pay more for them. To provide your passengers with a pleasant journey and prioritize their satisfaction, you can:

  • ensure timeliness,
  • provide safe and comfortable journeys,
  • stay flexible,
  • and everything we mentioned to get high ratings.

5. Expand Your Service Area

Growing your taxi service requires attracting new riders, and you can do so by offering service in more areas with Pulpit. Providing rides is in great demand in some areas of Ahmedabad over others, so you might want to think about increasing the number of areas you serve. For example, airport taxi/cab is always in demand. Using our app, you can pinpoint high-demand areas and expand or contract your service footprint accordingly. You can also consider expanding your services to offer outstation journeys for riders who book taxi from Ahmedabad.

Overall, taxi booking service in Ahmedabad, interested in expanding their operations have a lot to gain by signing up with Pulpit Mobility. Using our subscription-based platform and making use of the aforementioned tips, you can broaden your reach, gain access to a sizable pool of drivers, and enhance your customers' rides. Long-term success with our app can easily be yours if you keep your taxi business competitive and flexible. Sign up as our partner today and start taking on more riders who book a cab in Ahmedabad. Contact our support team today at if you have more questions regarding the benefits we offer or the sign-up process.